Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Medicinal Purposes?

I am not a connoisseur but more of a novice when it comes to recreational drug use. I don't use drugs - illegal, prescription - for two reasons: I have an addictive personality and my so called "deep pockets" are reserved for handbag purchases only. I did no research of my own regarding Ambien, I thought I would get all the answers I needed from other blogging geniuses. What triggered this post are two verses to two different songs listed below:

The city never sleeps,
better slip you an Ambien ~~ Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z w/Alicia Keys

Red wine and Ambien
You're talking shit again ~~ John Mayer, Heartbreak Warfare

Now do tell me closet users how do you take your Ambien?


Ranger Tom said...

Melatonin for me...

And beer is my recreational drug of choice.

Just saying.

KrippledWarrior said...

Johnny Winter sang a song that said "You've been drinkin' too much whiskey! You're taking too much Seconal." I was never into experimentation either. It was more like Full Scale Research.

Mr. Nighttime said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. History repeating itself? More like a new history in an alternate universe this time around.

The Savage said...

Never taken Ambien....

Skitzo Leezra Studio said...

My friend Kay trashed her sister's kitchen in an Ambien midnight sandwich making trance and woke to hear her sister's yelling to the teenage sons to "come clean this mess you left last night!"
They denied it, she got madder, had a fit and made her sons clean the kitchen.
Kay came out of the guest room, after the kitchen was cleaned, to confess.
Her sister insisted that Kay never tell the boys.

Blasé said...

I'll be taking Ambien CR tonight for the first time. My new Doctor gave me some samples, today. There ya GO!

JLee said...

I need Ambien, but I'm scared of it. We have ran stories about people driving, eating and doing all sorts of things while ASLEEP!

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