Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not So Sweet November

I've mentioned in this very corner of the blogosphere that November historically is not a good month for me. Its not good for several reasons but the 3 main reasons are these:

My first boyfriend of 4 years died on November 11th.

I was married on November 25th.

My ex-husband delivered the front page news on November 11th that it was over between he and I.

Lots of activity particularly on the 11th which is why I chose today to make my proclamation - today will be my last post regarding my former married life, my ex-husband or any shrewdness expressed toward men/boys/giraffes who brandishes the name Justin. November will no longer be hated, despised or dreaded for bringing dates to mind that are surrounded by loss or painful memories. I have been checking the 'single' box on any and all applications since that very day never wanting to acknowledge that I had all too soon became a statistic - a "dee-vorce-ay". I hereby free myself from my discontented past. No more tears over what happened or what will never happen. No more. I am letting it go and I am moving forward. Goodbye Old November, you were never good to me. Hello Sweet November, you have 30 days to not fuck up.


Just telling it like it is said...

Good for you! I almost fel apart when I broke it off last January with my boyfriend of 3.5 yrs!and I never ever not even whisper the name Justin (his name)...he's so totally not worth it!!!
Now your pulling yourself up with your boot straps and its all up hill for here....

The Savage said...

I got booted out by one of my ex's last November (I say that with a huge smile). What a great month it is.

f1trey said...

i just dont like the cold.....thats my nly peev...... just htink decembers comin!

The Bug said...

That's great! It often is a case of mind over matter...

BlazngScarlet said...

Moving on and letting go take time.
You'll never completely forget, but now you can put it in a more manageable head space.
It's always good to change your perspective.

Hello Sweet November! :D

Joe Corbati said...

Good idea, moving back instead of forward seems to me absurd.

Que said...

That was a very heartfelt post. And each sentence had significance. But your last statement spoke volumes. I'm glad I saw you on Spuds' site.

M.J. said...

It sounds like you have been through a lot. Take November back!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kimberly said...

Just Tellin - Wait just a minute.

Savage - Welcome November.

Trey - I'll get you a Snuggie.

Bug - It has been a long road - 6 years, and it has ended here, today.

Scarlet - thank you for your support.

Joe - sometimes back is good. We can see what we passed by.

Que - thank you and welcome.

MJ - I've been getting over alot - thank for the visit.

Violet said...

Just bounced over here from Trey's blog - looking for the MAN pictures! lol

I check the 'single' box, too - I am not defined by being previously-married.

Just telling it like it is said...

What are we waiting fer??? I told you we were like long lost twin sisters born in way different hears mine being much older than yours but who's really counting since I'm 25 yrs old in my mind...

Big Pissy said...

Great post!

Good for you taking charge and kicking November in the butt!

Kimberly said...

Just Pissy - I am soooo glad you made the 12th comment on this post - as you now know 11 is unlucky for me.

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