Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Clumsy

It's true. No, no don't be jealous it is not as glamorous as it seems. After arriving home this afternoon from a day in the "country" I was walking up my front porch steps - all three of them. Before lifting my right foot off the top step I fell directly into the front door. Both hands were carrying covered plates of food that I brought from my mom's.

Contents of the first plate included:

Mac & cheese
Fried chicken
Smoked pork
Broccoli (chopping bra-koh-lee, choppin' bra-koh-lie)& rice casserole
Sweet potato casserole
One deviled egg
Some potato & cheese casserole concoction
Field peas

Contents of the second plate included:

Homecoming cake
Chocolate cake
Lemon pound cake
7-Up Cake
Pecan Pie

As fate has struck me with the art of clumsiness, luck also follows me, the plates doubled as a cushion thus preventing me from crashing through the front door which happens to be glass. Because falling & slinging food isn't enough for a pride crusher, my neighbor just happened to be in his front yard talking on the phone while the events took place.

My dogs, all four, gave me a score of 10.


BamaTrav said...

I thought your tits were supposed to cushion your fall, or were they supposed to cushion my fall?

The Bug said...

Oh - that is SO something I would do! And it's just a crime to lose all that food - was any of it salvageable?

Bama - I'm sorry, but OUCH!

Kimberly said...

Trav - I had taken my tits off. I don't show those in the "country".

Bug - it was but after the humiliation - I needed vodka, not casseroles.

Annmarie Ortega said...

I'm a super big clutz too. Plus it doesn't help when the city here (Chicago) gets covered in a sheet of ice from... oh... Dec to March and I usually fall on my ass at least once a winter. LOL ps. I wouldn't care if the food was squished. I'd eat it anyhow.

f1trey said...

yeah but you looked GOOD doing it.....!!!! wish i was there!! xxx ooo

Kimberly said...

Annmarie - not much makes me lose my appetite - pride crshing is one of the things.

Trey - I did look good but I coulda used a hand.

Kimmy said...

Oh nice. But I'm right there with ya. I trip on flat surfaces. It's inevitable.

Frank said...


I think I the dogs would have broken the rules and given you and 11 if you had crashed through the door as well...

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