Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sing Along Time

She says she hates to sleep alone, but she'll do it to night
She wants to grab her telephone, but she knows it ain't right
So if he won't call, she'll survive, and if he don't care, she'll get by
Climb into bed, bury her head, and cry

From the beginning he was all anyone could have been
They were delirious with love; they were certain to win
Now he's breaking plans more and more, and he's leaving notes on her door

Took a trip out of town, couldn't turn this one down;
He said, "I guess I should have told you before."

She says she feels like she's addicted to a real bad thing,
Always sitting, waiting, wondering if the phone will ring,
She knows she bounces like a yo-yo when he pulls her string,
It hurts to feel like such a fool.
She wants to tell him not to call or come a round again,
He doesn't need her now at all the way that she needs him.
She's on the edge about to fall from leaning out and in,
And she don't know which way to move.

She wants to be fair; she couldn't say he was ever unkind,
But if she could bear to walk away, she thinks he wouldn't mind
'Cause he just keeps himself so apart and there's no one else in her heart,
So she's taking a dive from an emotional high and coming down hard.

She's determined to try, but she'll still give in when he gives her a call.
She'll ask herself why, but in the end it won't matter at all.
Sure, she could sit at home, stay inside and sleep alone with her pride
And as she walks out that door, she feels as weak as before with nothing to hide

Addicted~~Dan Seals

Men, guys, dudes even dirty rocker boys (except the ones who read my blog, of course) are all the same. Selfish, prickish by nature, lying always thinking of themselves and not the other, not caring who they hurt or at what cost.

It might just be the time to "taste the rainbow".


The Bug said...

I don't know - the fairer sex might not be all that fair either. Sigh.

Lestat de Lioncourt said...

Wow, I had forgotten that I could be all those things.

Lemmy Caution said...

I sense anger. Hmmmm....

Annmarie Ortega said...

Yikes... Sounds like you have been "done wrong" big time. It's happened to me so much I can write a book. (Hey!! An inside joke... I'm a writer... get it?! Sorry, just woke up here... LOL)If you ever are in Chgo, the drinks are on me.

Kimberly said...

Annmarie - keep that invite open. I could show up sooner than you think. Martinis all around.

Lestat - You ARE all those things.

Bug - *sighs with you*

Lemmy - where you been?

f1trey said...

this is a rainbow free zone.....look it says so right here


look ill buy you some damn skittles.....have a beer and email me later...

KrippledWarrior said...

The female of the species is more lethal than the male. Skip the rainbow and kiss the sky. Manic depression is catching my soul. I know what I want but I just don't know... How to go about gettin it! Jimi H.
I am not your chambermaid and you are not my Lord.. Emilie Autumn.
Come into the light and we will sing together. 1 waqrrior to another.

The Savage said...

Funny, I was just thinking about changing my name to Rainbow....

Frank said...

I beg to differ :(

Bina said...

This can be true for most men, but it can be true for some women, too.

Rathod Roshni said...

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