Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Thoughts 8

Out of 163 posts, I only have 8 posts that are random thoughts of gibberish. (ok, that is a little white lie, all the posts are gibberish and some of the gibbering is premeditated)

What is worse? Living with someone you don't love or loving someone you don't live with?

Why is IT called a "crush"?

Why do men say they prefer women with meat on their bones? Is it to heighten the chances of getting laid while in the presence of a meaty gal because slim has met pickin's? Example: Posters. No one has a poster on their wall, in their locker of a chunky Delta Burke, a bottom heavy Rachael Ray or a fluffy Anna Nicole Smith.

Random thoughts are time consuming & at points, like when in the shower or eating sauerkraut, are also overwhelming. Stupid random thoughts.


The Savage said...

I prefer women with pulses who like vodka and beer, work at a beverage distribution center and like to clean while drinking vodka. I also like women that confuse Lestat....
Just saying

BlazngScarlet said...

Living with someone you don't love is worse.
Well, for me it was anyway.
At least with loving someone I don't live with, the possibility of it happening exists.
Realistically optimistic eh?!

And just for the record, it works both ways.
Women say they like a big man, but who has posters of John Goodman, Chris Farley or John Candy?
It's not just a man thing.
It's a human condition.

Annmarie Ortega said...

I am new to reading your blog... but I think your posts are quite brilliant/clever... And as for men, I like tall since I am five foot ten. And they have to be smart, to me that's sexy. Even more so than six pack abs...

Anonymous said...

Definately living without someone you love, did the part of living with someone I did not love, I beleive I called her my wife at one point in time.

Kimberly said...

Lestat - husbands and wives are overrated - even though I would like to have a hubby one day.

Savage - you are sucha a ladies' man. You say all of the right things.

Scarlet - what woman says she wants a big man? I've never said that. I have a height preference and dimple preference. True, I don't a man who has ankles the size of my wrists, but I don't want a big man.

Annmarie - Thank you. Smart men = egocentric men, but that is only from my experience. Not saying I want a dumbass, thas not the implication at all.

edder said...

My whole existence has been based on random thoughts, which explains a lot, so don't stress.

Living with someone you don't love is 100 times worse than loving someone you don't live with. Unless we're talking about my mom and then, yeah, I totally miss her. But I don't think we are so nevermind. I dragged out my marriage 5 years longer than I should have but there you go....

If you lined up the men who've been in my life you couldn't say I have a "type". Smart and funny is definitely more appealing than hooking up with a hot guy with the intellect of a bag of hammers. Unless you only need him for half an hour or so ;)

f1trey said...

What is worse? Living with someone you don't love or loving someone you don't live with?

Oh living with someone you dont ooo

Why is IT called a "crush"?

puppy love as opposed to kitty love???? hmmmm because when you get older its called nonexistant...

Why do men say they prefer women with meat on their bones? ever bang some bones???? when i go to KFC i expect some meat...not bones...
Is it to heighten the chances of getting laid while in the presence of a meaty gal because slim has met pickin's? yes

Kimberly said...

Trey - *slap

Colonel ChestHams said...

What's worse ? Living with a girl with small tits.

Anonymous said...

I have an e mail on my blog. You can use that.

Sr.Misfit said...

1. Guy's who name their selves after characters from Anne Rice Novels should just hide their heads in the sand and hope that her son find them with their asses face up!

2. Really? A Character from an Anne Rice novel? LMFAO!

3. LOL...sorry Kim...Lestat... ha ha ha ha ha! ok.. enough funny drunk shit!

Loving someone you don't live with....who, what, where, when, and why....and are they you?

A crush?...cause after you crush it, well, whats left?

Meat on their bones? Ribs hurt and so do hip bones when you are trying to dig in really hard.

Sadly enough...I am telling the truth :(

Anonymous said...

Sr. Misfit, ease up dude, it's called anti-blogging because everyone, like yourself, has a front page that reads like a desperate personal add. It's all in fun, and get a grip dude, it's just the page backdrop, it's not real. Besides no one is trying to win the heart of this young lady, your safe with her, try watering down the roids. Lol

Sr.Misfit said...

Re: third...I was drunk and having fun...nothing personal and nothing serious...sorry, was just having a little fun at your expense :P

Anonymous said...

Sr. O.k, I guess I can live with that, Heff does it to me all the damn time, I guess if I am not doing it to myself. Ha

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