Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random Thoughts 5

Actually, this is not random thoughts, it is more random actions. Not even random actions - only one random action.

Today, I threw away all of my wedding lingerie. ALL. Not one scantily clad, tangible memory remains of that night or the honeymoon week (that is a lie, but no under garments remain). Their new home will be the county garbage dump. I have no idea of why I held onto the frilly, romantic & naughty little pieces but I did. The clue I should have caught is for the past 5 years the see through, lacy & stringy pieces rested right next to a 40caliber Smith & Wesson handgun. Probably not the true meaning of " all is fair in love and war" but just maybe the idea is all the same.


lisa said...

Time to fill the lingerie drawer up again with new items....but, please, no granny panties

Fragrant Liar said...

One step closer to letting go of the past for good. No point in holding on to things that remind you of a sad or anguished past, right? This is a healthy move.

The Bug said...

I agree - why hold onto things that not only don't make you smile, they make you have negative thoughts? Make new memories with new lingerie! And blog about them! Just kidding - that might be more R rated than I'm prepared for...

Kimberly said...

My entire life is swirled with negative thoughts & what could have beens. I still have my wedding picture, dress, engagement ring, china, crystal & other things that came with the last name of Yarbrough. Baby steps, right?

f1trey said...

awwww....just go commando! JK Yeah this is just not healthy..... you need to get better!!

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