Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Stealing - The Green Meme

My first time to "steal" along...

1. What is your current obsession? Seasons past of Sex and the City.

2. What's a good coffee place? Personally, any Starbucks but the break room of where I work usually has a good crowd around 7 am.

3. Who was the last person you hugged? Danny.

4. Do you nap a lot? I like to nap on Saturday & Sunday between the hours of 1pm-4pm.

5. Tonight, what's for dinner? Dinner was "out" tonight - Outback Steak House.

6. What was the last thing you bought? Dinner - out.

7. What is your favorite weather? Super cold & rainy.

8. Tell us something about one blogger who will play this week. I am gonna go out way out on a limb and pick Rich...and the man loves an evening cocktail.

9. If you were given a free house that was full furnished, where in the world would you like it to be? Next to, in front of or behind my parent's home.

10. Name three things you could not live without. My mother, handbags, kisses on the forehead.

11. What would you like in your hands right now? Someone special.

12. What's one of your guilty pleasures? Nikki Sixx

13. What would you change or eliminate about yourself? Self doubt, believing I am the cause of so many problems.

14. As a child, what type of career did you want? Lawyer, truck driver, country music singer...I know, I know.

15. What are you missing right now? Someone special.

16. What are you currently reading? The Bitch in the House.

17. What do you fear the most? Hell.

18. What's the best movie you've seen recently? P.S. I Love You.

19. What's your favorite book from the past year? The Heroine Diaries & The Dirt

20. Is there still a comfort food from your childhood that you still enjoy? Hunts Chocolate Pudding Snack Packs & fried chicken.


pam said...

Who doesn't like fried chicken?

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Frank said...

Starbucks is totally where it's at.

Jen said...

Hello! I made my way over to your blog from Stay D Briefing. I think we have a lot in common!

For instance, Nikki Sixx was ALWAYS my favorite and I could never see what the big deal was with Vince Neil.

I have all the seasons of Sex & the City on DVD and watched ALL of them over Spring Break last year. My family was left to fend for themselves while I vegged on the couch and fantasized about Mr Big.

And wow, the prayer in your book of dreams in the previous post is something I could have written myself, just last night.

Nice to meet you ~ thanks for letting me read! :)


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