Sunday, January 4, 2009

No Title

Lately I've been pondering the relationships of people I am surrounded by every day. Family, friends, lovers, co-workers and even the Fed Ex delivery guy. Obviously our family is our family just because that is the way is. We didn't choose them nor did they choose us. Sometimes I find this fact a blessing other times I realize it is a curse. As for the other people in my life, excluding the Fed Ex guy, I have chosen them of my own accord. Now, what makes us choose certain individuals to become intertwined in our lives? Could it be common hair or eye color? Their laugh? The way they walk or talk? Because they understand the relationship of mayonnaise with field peas? Or maybe it is simply because they get giddy right along with you when you hear the phrase "Wonder Twin power, activate!". Whatever the cause may be sometimes your choice is dead on, other times not. They may hold your hand through a crisis or slap you right back into reality. Whatever the reason, many people of different shapes, colors and attitudes will come into our lives and sometimes they will leave just as quickly as they came. What we choose to do with them once they have landed is entirely up to us.

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