Monday, October 13, 2008

Is 3 An Unlucky Number?

Maybe you've heard things come in 3's. For example - accidents, deaths or just bad news. In the past month, 3 friends or acquaintances have told me they were getting a divorce. All choices in the matter were made by the ladies. Is there something in the water? The air? I'm afraid to drink or breath but clearly I need to do a little of both to survive. I tried to think of good things that come in 3's. Nothing came to mind immediately so I pondered for a few moments. A few moments later I was still pondering. I thought of packs of candy, nope. A box of Swiffers, nope. Then it hit me, we have 3 local news affiliates and sets of triplets and my hitting ended there. Maybe because I was trying so hard to focus on what goodness comes in 3's is why nothing came to my mind quickly. When I find the good 3 - I'll let you know.


Tom said...

Hi Kim,
Thought I'd pop by and take a look around. It's true about things in 3's, which is sometimes daunting if the first two happen to you!

Righto, must get cracking on part two of a children's fantasy story; part one is on Triond "Pilf the Imaginer".

Keep on writing. Bye for now.
Tom [AKA - Bick Parker]

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