Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Human Footprint

I am not talking about the footprint taken from you as soon as you are born or the Hang Ten logo, I am talking about what it takes for us to survive our entire life on this planet. Imagine the pounds of trash we create, the amounts of energy and water that each person uses from the day they are born. I try to be as conscience as I can when using water, not littering or wasting food. But with all the Earth Day publicity lately and all the negative talk of using single use plastic water bottles I don't think I am doing very well. Go Green items are everywhere you look. I did purchase the new light bulbs that supposedly use a 1/4 of the wattage the average bulb does. I do turn off the water when I brush my teeth. I turn it on to wet my brush, turn it off, brush and then turn it back on to rinse. I save at least two gallons that way, right? I guess I should implement this exercise when showering - I bet I could save 15 gallons! Get in shower, turn water on & let water rush over me for 2 seconds & turn off, apply 2-1 shampoo & conditioner (saves time, water & only one bottle to dispose of), add soap to loofah, scrub entire body and don't rinse, will need soap to shave legs (legs and arms are getting stiff because soap is begining to dry), shave legs & armpits (soap is no longer soapy is a film and the shave does not go smoothly I might as well use a wire brush), by this time my eyes feel like someone is sticking a hot needle in them because the 2-1 shampoo & conditioner has ran into my eyes and finally rinse for 6 seconds. Seems simple enough, right? I buy stuff that says all "natural" - like juice, bleach, underwear & dog treats. The word "natural" triggers in me to be a more concerned consumer, a better inhabitant of this planet. Can one person really make a difference? If so, lets all shut off the water while brushing our teeth - we could save 5 billion gallons of water a day. I say use more alcohol for your day to day routine - brush your teeth with it, it doesn't come in plastic bottles - and afterall alcohol does evaporate.

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