Thursday, November 4, 2010

Close Enough!

Halloween is over which means one thing to me, I can now decorate for Christmas! Hush now, my decorating is fabulously and directly under radar, well defined as not tacky. White twinkle lights adorn my front door, every bush & shrub in front of my home. Poinsettia topiaries keeping watch as you look through the glass door and see multi-colored lights dancing passionately on a Douglas Fir covered with a lifetime of ornament collecting. Single bulb white candles lit in every window. Green garland and white lights placed over and around the fire place with a pair golden reindeer standing guard. Blue and silver pillows tossed onto the couch beckoning for you to sit and have a holiday libation while while the Nut Cracker watches from the coffee table. Red and white pillar and taper candles everywhere. A smaller tree in the dining room decorated with blown glass hummingbirds and cardinals of all kinds as scents of cinnamon waft through the halls. Three sizes of red cone Christmas trees glitzing and glazing in the middle of the dining room table. The sound of jingle bells coming from all directions, oh but not from reindeer, but from my the collars of my dogs! Linen dish towels stitched up and down with Christmas greetings and the most beautiful "old tyme" Fitz & Floyd Santa Claus cookie jar you could ever imagine sitting in the middle of my kitchen counter.

Don't you wish you were my neighbor?


The Bug said...

Why, just yesterday I was commenting that I saw a wreath on the wall of one of the departments at work & I had to work hard to resist the urge to tear it down from the wall & stuff it over the head of the manager who put it there.

But that's just me :)

Laoch of Chicago said...

Merry Christmas

Red Shoes said...

Hmmm... The Christmas season is almost upon us... time for me to start my annual Christmas Tree Decoration hunt for an old 'Reindeer' ornament that we used to have when I was a kid... :o(


Kittycat said...

Seriously? I havent even taken the Halloween shit down out of my yard.

Would love to be your neighbor. Ive got a son who loves to decorate. WE go full on Christmas stuff inside and out.

The Savage said...

I wish I was your neighbor... I really do.

Heff said...


f1trey said...

NOOOOO thanksgiving turkey!!!

Jo said...

For me, Christmas begins around the middle of December, and ends on January 7th (the epiphany). I get too sick of it otherwise.

The Bug said...

Three days after I wrote my initial response my husband put up our Christmas tree. I reckon he was ready for some holiday spirit. No, I did not beat him over the head with it. :)

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